No Sugar, I’m Sweet Enough

The Sanctuary WholeHealth & Wellness Center·Wednesday, November 2, 2016

You probably got tricked on October 31 alright ... and the treat may destroy your immune system. From the onslaught of sugar consumed around the country last night don't be surprised if the cold or flu is soon on the horizon for you or your loved one. And, this is why:

The Immune System

You can understand why the key to wellness is a strong and healthy immune system. Happily, a strong immune system is something that most of us have almost total control over. This control is found in our diet! And what do we need to control? Sugar!

Sugar is a powerful immune system suppressant! In other words, sugar knocks out the protective power of the immune system, effectively stripping the immune system of its soldiers and weapons. Sugar prevents the immune system from functioning as designed. It is well documented by physicians that sugar is a deterrent to a healthy immune system. These points were written by doctors regarding the effect of sugar on the immune system:

In her book, Preventive Medicine, Agatha M. Thrash, M.D. shares that

6 teaspoons of sugar, the amount in just one glazed donut, decreases the immune system’s ability to destroy bacteria by 25%

12 teaspoons of sugar, the approximate amount in one 12-ounce soft drink, decreases it ability to destroy bacteria by 60%

24 teaspoons of sugar decreases its ability to destroy bacteria by 92%

And we wonder why our children as well as mom and dad get sick!

Think before you finish off that full basket you gathered last evening, please.

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