"I have been a patient of Rita’s at The Sanctuary for many years now, and I can say with all honesty that it has blessed my life tremendously and brought me much healing and renewed health.  I was already fairly healthy when I first went to see Rita, or so I thought.  I knew I had some plaque or possible buildup in my colon from being raised on a poor diet of fast-food and highly cooked and processed foods, but I had no idea how much.  Even though I had done store bought colon cleanses and other natural cleanses before, I had never seen anything comparable to the results I saw after visiting Rita. 

On my first visit to The Sanctuary Rita successfully removed so much undigested matter in my colon that I could not believe it.  And even more profound than the amount of plaque that came out was the fact that we managed to remove many small parasites as well.  This was all done by simply using warm and cool water administered by Rita in her non-invasive and gentle, yet highly effective colon hydrotherapy technique.  This made me a believer right away.  And after that first session, I immediately felt amazing and I walked out not only a few pounds lighter and with a smile on my face, but also with a renewed sense of health, and increased energy.

Since that first visit I have returned many times to The Sanctuary for routine cleansing and every time I visit I receive the best care.  Rita’s professionalism, knowledge, wisdom and tender care make the sanctuary more than just a physical healing center.  Rita has a way of making each session a relaxing journey into personal growth and healing on all levels.   Rita has a way of renewing your health in not just a physical way, but in a mental, emotional and spiritual way as well.  

In modern times we tend to think of doctor’s visits or the process of healing and cleansing as something that is going to hurt or be painful or uncomfortable.  However Colon Hydrotherapy administered at the Sanctuary is not painful at all; it is actually quite relaxing and you always leave feeling better than when you came in.  With the help of Rita and The Sanctuary I feel as though I am growing younger everyday.  That is true healing, and how it was intended to be.

Rita’s practice is one of a kind and I know of no other like it.  I regularly recommend people visit The Sanctuary no matter what ails them, as I know Rita will get to the bottom of it and lead them on a path to complete healing.”

J.A.S., King’s Mountain, NC

"Whether it's learning how to make something or getting a service, Rita Runnels at The Sanctuary makes sure you are treated with the best of care.  Her knowledge and skills are impeccable!  She is constantly training and educating herself and then sharing with her clients.  Rita pays great attention to detail in her service(s) and in her shop.  You won’t find a more caring and compassionate person, who truly loves what she does!”

M.G., Conover, NC

"My mother is 88 years old. She developed swelling in her legs and toes turning purple. I contacted Rita, my wellness advocate, for guidance in essential oils to apply. Within 48 hours, the swelling had gone down and toes were no longer purple!

A Shy Patient, Conover, NC

"My time at The Sanctuary changed my life! I had several health challenges I was suffering from and after many traditional medical attempts to resolve them, I wanted to pursue a natural solution. I spent a week at the Sanctuary. Between nutrition, plant therapy, and several unique modalities, I came away refreshed, rejuvenated and with my issues resolved. To top it off, my results have been long term and today I am healthier in mind, body and spirit.” A.T., Woodstock, GA